Artisan and Artist ACAM-75 Cotton Camera Pouch




The most luxurious camera pouch in the world 

Cotton camera pouches made by traditional long-established artisans from Kyoto, Japan. These skilled artisans handcraft their products in small quantities to ensure the same unique quality is uniform across every piece to the highest standard.

These pouches will help you store and protect your mirrorless camera, lens or accessory from dirt, dust and scratches. They can be placed within a larger camera or casual bag, providing protection and quick access at all times. 

Spoil yourself with hand made Artisan and artist quality. Seriously the last pouch you will need to buy.

Will fit:

1 Mirrorless Body
1 Lens


Height: 125mm
Width: 140mm
Weight: 75g
Material: Cotton / Polyester
Colour Options: Black, Red, Grey
Made in Japan

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