Artisan and Artist WCAM-3500 Water Resistant Camera Bag



Stylish Water Resistant Camera Bag

With great emphasis on materials and design, this camera bag is a sporty and stylish looking camera bag.
The main body is made of water resistant material with a waterproof zipper.
The bags feature excellent padding for protection which can be removed or rearranged to accommodate a variety of items.
With a focus on functionality, the bags are the perfect combination of stylish design and our passion for the best materials.

Spoil yourself with hand made Artisan and Artist quality. 

What will fit inside:
1 DSLR body 
2 lens​


Weight: 763g
Body size: W340×H215×D180mm
Inner size: W310×H140×D110mm
Pockets: 1Front / 1inner / 1Rear
Material: Nylon and Leather
Colour: Black
Made in Japan

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